Stud Framing

Stud Framing

Stud Framing

One area of expertise that Petro Home Renovations have excelled is in the fixing and installation of stud. We have been serving Toronto and the GTA area with exceptional stud framing installation for over 15 years and we understand the rudiments of fixing stud frames for homes and industries.

Our team of stud framing experts are well vast in the latest trends in which studs can be installed and they are equipped with state-of-the-art tools that is meant for executing the job in the best way possible.

Stud Framing Toronto

What is Stud Framing?

Stud framing includes the horizontal and vertical members of interior partitions and exterior walls, both of non-bearing walls and bearing walls. They are also referred to as lintels, studs, and wall plates; stud frames form the nailing base for all covering material to support the upper floor platforms which help to provide the lateral strength along the wall.

A wall stud is a fundamental element in frame building with the main purpose of holding doors, windows, exterior sheathing or siding, interior finishes, stud wall insulation, and utilities in place so that they can have the desired shape.

We fix all kinds of studs at Petro Home renovations; whether you need to fix wooden studs, steel or metal studs, we have capable hands to handle the task for you. Hence, if you reside in Toronto and you need to fix or install studs in your building, you do not have to look any further beyond Petro Home Renovations as we are just a call away.

Stud Framing Installation

To install steel frames, the first thing to do is to fasten the ceiling and floor tracks and then the studs can be installed one after the other. Lay out and mark out the location of the wall on the floor, fasten the steel track and then locate the position of the ceiling track with the help of a plumb bob or level held up against a steel stud.

Fasten the track to the underlying joist on the finished ceiling where the metal framing track runs perpendicular to the joists using self-tapping drywall screws. However, in cases where the track runs parallel to the joists, the track will be fastened to the ceiling using drywall anchors.

Wall-Framing Installation Tips

  • Use straight-cut aviation snips for cutting individual steel studs and tracks.
  • If you need to cut lots of metal studs and tracks as fast as you can, then use a circular saw fitted with a toothless metal-cutting blade.
  • Cut the studs to a height that will ensure a tight contact to both the bottom and the top of the track.
  • When you are marking the width and height of the door and window openings, allow extra tolerance of about 1-1/2 inch for the height and 3 inch for the width.
  • Protect yourself from the acrid smoke, deafening noise, and showering sparks by wearing a dust mask, safety glasses, hearing protection, and hearing protection among others.

Stud Framing Toronto

Professional Stud Framing Technicians  

What distinguishes us from other stud framing contractors in Toronto is our ability to pay attention to the minutest of detail so that we can have nothing short of top quality stud finishes. Our team at Petro Home Renovations consists of the best hands who are experienced and understands the techniques needed to install, repair, paint, finish, and mount studs using the latest tools in the industry.

At Petro Home Renovations, we will effectively and efficiently help you with all kinds of stud framing fixing and installation. Contact us today and let us help you get the job done.


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