Professional Drop Ceiling Installation Service in Toronto

Drop Ceiling Installation

Professional Drop Ceiling Installation Service in Toronto

Are you looking to install drop ceiling in your home or office? If your answer to this is a Yes! You need not look any further, as Petro Home Renovations is fortified with qualified and experienced suspended ceiling installation  specialists who know and understand the technical know-how of how to properly do the job.

We have been serving the Toronto community with top-notch drop ceiling installation services for over 15 years.  Have a look at our broad portfolio to know our calibre in the industry.

Whether you want to install acoustic drop ceiling, or suspended ceilings in the Toronto area, we have got you covered. It is safe and secure to employ competent hands who will install your drop ceiling so that you can have a good finish that is pleasant to the eye.

We have the expertise and experienced hands who have been delivering quality drop ceiling finishes for our clients in Toronto and its environs. Whatever your drop ceiling problems are, we are capable of handling them within the shortest possible time.

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Steps For Drop Ceiling Installation

  • Design the Drop Ceiling Grid: You have to have a plan in mind before you commence the design of your drop ceiling. Carefully layout your tile spacing making sure that the outer edge ceiling tiles are to size and not too small.
  • Install the L-Channel: Measure the perimeter of the room from the floor joist, mark the location of the wall studs using self-taping drywall screws. Adhere the L-channel to the wall.
  • Install the T-Channel: The T-channel runs perpendicular to the floor joists. Place your main piece of T-channel some spaces away from your wall in accordance with the grid layout you have.  The channels will be supported on either end by the L-channel and in the middle by the eyelets and wire with a s*acing of about 2-4 feet apart.Once the wire can easily run through the eyelets and channel, the next thing to do is to ensure the channel is level. A good strategy that can be employed in achieving this is to run a string taut from one wall to the other in line with the L-channel.
    • Install the Cross Ts: Start with the full T’s and then move on to the edges. Measure and cut the all the Ts to size by cutting a bevel on the wall end to prevent interference with the wall. When you are done installing the T’s, you can move on to perfect the edge pieces.

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Professional Suspended Ceiling Installation Specialists

What distinguishes us from other drop ceiling contractors in Toronto is our ability to pay attention to the minutest of detail so that we can have nothing short of top quality drop ceiling finishes. Our team at Petro Home Renovations consists of the best hands who are experienced and understands the techniques needed to repair, paint, finish, and carry out drop ceiling installation using the latest tools in the industry.

If you live in Toronto and you need the services of a drop ceiling specialist, contact us at Petro Home Renovations and let us help you get the job done at affordable rates and within the shortest possible time.

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