Fastest Drywall Installation in Toronto

Drywall Installation

Fastest Drywall Installation in Toronto

We provide local drywall contractors to residential and commercial clients in & around Toronto

Drywall Installation Services

Looking for a competent expert in drywall installation in Toronto? There is no better place to be than Petro Home Renovations, we are your dependable and competent experts in installing all kinds of drywall, whether you want a drywall or plaster finish, we are up to the task.

We have consistently delivered exceptional drywall installation services to all our clients in the past and this has seen us established our brand as a household name in providing top quality for residential and commercial drywall Installation in Toronto.

At Petro Home Renovations, we understand that drywalls are an excellent building material that is installed in homes to beautify and add some form of aesthetics to the entire home set up.

Drywalls are made from thin plaster boards extracted from mineral gypsum; they are lightweight and are of a chemical composition that is fire resistant.

It is subject to damage as a result of usage over time and as such should be well-maintained but in cases where they need to be repaired or re-installed, then you can always call us at (647)803-9636 or to write to us at to get the job done for you at very affordable rates that will fit into your budget.

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Professional Drywall Contractors

What distinguishes us from other local drywall contractors in Toronto is our ability to pay attention to the minutest of detail so that we can have nothing short of top quality drywall finishes.

Our team at Petro Home Renovations consists of the best hands who are experienced and understands the techniques needed to install, repair, paint, finish, and mount drywalls using the latest tools in the industry. Talk to our experts for your project now!

Drywall Installation

Drywall installation should be handled by well-trained personnel as it can become difficult if it is handled by a novice who has no experience in the trade and this can result in damage to the boards.

The installation process involves measuring and installing the drywall using the right screws with the correct size to ensure that the drywall is in place without any damage to pipes or electrical wiring in the building.

For all kinds of companies for drywall installation in Toronto, you can call on us at Petro Home Renovations, our technicians are always a call away to help you install your drywall that they can have the best finishes you can ever imagine.

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Tapping Drywall

One of the final steps involved in the installation of drywall is the tapping task. It involves tapping the drywall boards along their edges in order to prepare them for the application of layered mud to give the wall a glossy finish that is attractive to the eye.

After tapping is completed, the drywall layer mud is carefully applied one after the other, smoothed, and sanded to make sure the finish is even across all the walls.

Our professional and local drywall contractors at Petro Home Renovations have the experience and technical know-how to make your drywall attractive from the installation process to tapping, smoothing, and sanding among others.

Drywall Repairs

If you need to repair your drywall in Toronto, we can also help you in this regard. Repairing and patching drywall hole can be very tricky and as such must be handled with care by a professional trained to do the job.

The process involves covering the areas around the hole with a thin layer of well blended joint compound, and then applying a mesh or patch tape, and finally sanding the entire surface until the hole and mesh are no longer visible.

We are your number one contractor for drywall installation in Toronto, contact us today at Petro Home Renovations for all tasks that has to do with drywall and our professional technicians will be available to get the job done for you as fast as possible.

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