Impeccable Exterior & Interior Home Painting in Toronto

Internal and External Painting

Impeccable Exterior & Interior Home Painting in Toronto

We are serving residential and commercial painting contractors for more than 15 years

Internal and External Painting Services

The first thing that attracts people to a house is the color before they can get to notice the aesthetics and architectural design. For this reason, choosing the right color for the interior and exterior part of the building is important as it is the first impression anybody will have of the house even before stepping in.

At Petro Home Renovations, we will help you get it right from the choice of color that will be appropriate the exterior and interior painting for home and office in Toronto. Hence, you can always count on our expertise to help you handle the painting of both the interior and exterior of your house with all the expertise it requires. Let’s discuss your project now!

At Petro Home Renovations, we understand the properties that an interior and exterior paintings should possess so that they can stand the test of time. Our team of professional painters are meticulous in the delivery of their service as they will take the time to ensure that all parts of your building get the right paint finishes that is expected.

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Paint Properties

It should be noted that paints have different properties, in terms of how they are formulated for different purposes. For example, paints used for the interior parts of your homes are specially formulated to allow for scrubbing, cleaning, and they are stain resistant, while the paints meant for the exterior parts are made to be resistant to mildew and fading.

When you want to paint your home, it is important to identify the difference between the two so that you can make the right choice.

When you engage at Petro Home Renovations, you don’t need to be worried about how to choose right as we will help you start off on the right part by helping you choose the right paints for both the exterior and interior parts of your home. Have a look at some of our projects to know the depth of our services better.

We have been serving the people of Toronto and environs with exceptional contractors for commercial and residential painting services for over 15 years, and as a result of this, we have earned the trust of our clients as most of our new clients have come through referrals that stemmed from those who have enjoyed our first class exterior and interior painting for home and offices in and around Toronto in the past.

 Prime Painting

We also carry out priming prior to painting if there is any need for it. Priming is always needed in cases where the drywall surface is skim-coated, the surface is new drywall or bare wood, the previous coat is glossy, or when you are changing from dark to light colors. Whatever the case may be, our professional painters will help you prime your wall before painting as the occasion may demand.

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Professional Painter  

What distinguishes us from other residential or commercial painting contractors in Toronto is our ability to pay attention to the minutest of detail so that we can have nothing short of top quality paintings. Our team at Petro Home Renovations consists of the best hands who are experienced and understands the techniques needed to paint your buildings using the latest tools in the industry.

If you live in Toronto and you are worried about getting the right contractors to help you handle the exterior and/or interior painting for your home and/office, you need not be worried as Petro Home Renovations is here to serve you with the best services through the help of our experienced and well-trained painters.

Look no further, let us help you achieve your dream of having a perfectly painted building that will last and stand the test of time. Call us at (647)803-9636 or to write to us at to get free estimates today!

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With the help of our professional team of designers and contractors, anyone will be able to enhance the look of their home or office!